The Refugee Law Initiative has a range of publically available resources. 

Declarations on International Protection

The RLI promulgates a Declaration on International Protection every two years. The Declaration catalyses the refugee law expertise of the global research networks hosted at the RLI in order to develop targeted and creative legal thinking on the protection of refugees and other displaced persons.

Working Paper Series

The Refugee Law Initiative hosts two connected Working Paper Series that provide for the rapid dissemination of preliminary research results and other work in progress. This includes postgraduate theses, where of high enough quality. The RLI Working Paper Series publishes research reflects cross and inter-disciplinary interests within refugee law and policy, broadly defined. The IDRP Working Paper Series, at the Internal Displacement Research Programme, publishes research on internal displacement from pertinent disciplinary perspectives.

International Refugee Law Book Series

The International Refugee Law Book Series is published by Martinus Nijhoff under the auspices of the Refugee Law Initiative. It provides a platform for outstanding new studies of the intersecting legal regimes for the protection of refugees and displaced persons. Monographs and edited volumes in the series aim to advance scholarly and practitioner insight into how ‘refugee law’ is evolving globally, focusing particularly on its interaction with other bodies of international law and manifestation in regions outside Europe.

Outcome documentation from Conferences and Workshops

The Refugee Law Initiative runs a range of Conferences and Workshops for which Reports and Summary documentation are available.


The RLI blog on Refugee Law and Forced Migration publishes content from our colleagues, networks and students on a wide variety of topics.