On the Borders of Refugee Protection?

International Conference 'On the Borders of Refugee Protection? The Impact of Human Rights Law on Refugee Law - Comparative Practice and Theory'

Held at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London on 13th and 14th November 2013 This expert conference broke new ground by exploring how human rights law (HRL) is shaping the protection of refugees worldwide. A high-level event, it brought together exciting new contributions from more than twenty-five leading international specialists in refugee protection and HRL - including experts from UNHCR - to take stock of transnational developments in law and practice over the past twenty years, and to cultivate new approaches to the topic. The five thematic panels of the conference move beyond abstract approaches to HRL and refugee law to assessing legal interaction between the two fields in practice. The first day offered wide-ranging comparative perspectives on how HRL is impacting on refugee law in national settings across the world. The second half-day explored the novel ways in which the borders of refugee protection are being shaped by cross-cutting special themes in HRL and the future challenges that this poses. This conference is of direct interest to everyone working in the refugee and human rights fields, including lawyers, judges, practitioners and scholars in the areas of refugee, human rights and EU law, as well as humanitarian workers and academics, military and civilian authorities, policy researchers and students. Substantial opportunities were provided for participants to join in debating and forging new approaches to the themes canvassed by this unique gathering. Organised by the Refugee Law Initiative of the School of Advanced Study, University of London, in partnership with the Centre for Refugee Studies (York), Immigration and Refugee Clinic (Harvard), Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (London), International Association of Refugee Law Judges, International Refugee and Migration Law Project (New South Wales), International Refugee Law Research Programme (Melbourne), Refugee Studies Centre (Oxford) and UNHCR.