ICRC and population displacements

The Refugee Law Initiative has been awarded a Pump-Priming Grant from the School of Advanced Study to hold a Research Workshop on "The Role of the International Committee of the Red Cross with Respect to the Movement of Persons".

The Workshop held in London in September 2011 brought together key scholars and distinguished former and current ICRC officials to explore the role played by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in the response to the movement of persons. The research encompasses not only the formative role of the ICRC in the creation of international standards and institutions for the protection of refugees and IDPs, but also the practical ways in which the ICRC has engaged in different kinds of situations of forced displacement across the world. The premise is that whilst attention has focused on the role of UNHCR, the ICRC plays an equally important (but often different) role in protection and assistance to victims of forced displacement.