The Internal Displacement Research Programme (IDRP) is a specialised programme hosted at the RLI, School of Advanced Study, University of London. The IDRP promotes and facilitates research on internal displacement, including but not limited to policy-relevant research. 

The objectives of the IDRP, as an independent research programme, are to:

  • Raise the profile of research on internal displacement in academic and practitioner circles
  • Support, disseminate and share current and ongoing work by researchers in this field
  • Connect research in this field with that in cognate areas, including refugee studies
  • Bring new researchers to the field and develop new cross- and inter-disciplinary work
  • Promote and support research capacity in countries affected by internal displacement

The IDRP is led by the RLI Director. Its Research Affiliate and Senior Research Associate networks bring together established research specialists in this field. The IDRP Policy Engagement Group is comprised of researchers at institutions working on internal displacement and it feeds into shaping policy-relevant work by the IDRP.

The IDRP facilitates engagement, interest and capacity of researchers in countries affected by internal displacement. It supported specialised regional networks of researchers in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East on internal displacement. It also runs a free online training course on internal displacement for new researchers in the field. 

The IDRP Working Paper Series provides a publication platform for research that engages with internal displacement. The RLI also hosts the prestigious Refugee Survey Quarterly journal, which includes a focus on internal displacement. The RLI book series is open to monographs and edited volumes on internal displacement.