Refuge from Inhumanity

Refuge from Inhumanity: Enriching Refugee Protection Standards through Recourse to International Humanitarian Law

Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford University/Refugee Law Initiative, University of London Hosted by All Souls College, Oxford 11 and 12 February 2013

This expert conference breaks new ground by exploring in detail for the first time the role of international humanitarian law (IHL) in the protection of refugees and asylum-seekers. A high-level event, it brings together exciting new contributions from more than twenty leading specialists in the fields of IHL and refugee law - including experts from the ICRC and UNHCR - to develop a new approach to the topic.

This conference will be of direct interest to everyone working in the refugee and humanitarian fields, including lawyers, judges, practitioners and scholars in the areas of IHL, refugee, human rights and EU law, as well as humanitarian workers and academics, military and civilian authorities, policy researchers and students. Substantial opportunities are provided for participants to join in debating and forging new approaches to the themes canvassed by this unique gathering.

Organised by the Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford University, and the Refugee Law Initiative, University of London, the conference takes place at All Souls College, Oxford, by kind permission of the Warden and Fellows.


The conference report is now available for download here.