9th International Refugee Law Seminar Series

Niger: The Making of a Model Transit Country
Speaker: Daniel Howden, Refugees Deeply
Date: 7 November 2018


Lecture Series: Current Thinking in Refugee Law

Well Founded Fear
Speakers: Mark Symes (Garden Court Chambers) and Hugo Storey (Upper Tribunal Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
Date: 23 October 2018


RLI 3rd Annual Conference - Keynote Presentations

Refugee Law Initiative
3rd Annual Conference: ‘Refugee Protection in a Hostile World?’
18-19 July 2018

'Refugees, Intolerance and Racism: Contemporary Reflections'
Speaker: E. Tendayi Achiume (UN Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance)

'Prospects for the Global Refugee Compact in a "Hostile World"
Speaker: Jean-François Durieux (Refugee Law Initiative)

'Refugee Law in Times of Crisis: Reflections on Academic and Political Trajectories'
Speaker: Professor Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen (Raoul Wallenberg Institute)


Special IDP Workshop - Keynote Presentation

Refugee Law Initiative
Special IDP Workshop: 'Revitalising IDP Research'
20 July 2018

'Framing Policy-Relevant Research on IDPs: The GP20 Process'
Speaker: Cecilia Jimenez-Damary (UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of IDPs)


8th International Refugee Law Seminar Series

The UN's 'Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework': Actually a 'Contingent Refugee Assistance Project'
Speaker: Professor James Hathaway (University of Michigan)
Date: 21 May 2018

Protecting Syrian Refugees: Laws, Policies and Global Responsibility-Sharing
Speaker: Professor Susan Akram (Boston University)
Date: 8 March 2018

Authority and Affect in Immigration Detention: A Critical Account
Speaker: Professor Mary Bosworth (University of Oxford)
Date: 20 February 2018

Allocation of Competence in Asylum Matters under International and EU Law
Speaker: Professor Marcello Di Filippo (University of Pisa)
Date: 25 January 2018

The Impact of Brexit on UK Asylum Law
Speaker: Colin Yeo (Garden Court Chambers / Free Movement blog)
Date: 27 November 2017

The Evolution of Migration Management in the Global North
Speaker: Dr Christina Oelgemoller (Loughborough University)
Date: 16 November 2017

Refugee Protection in the United Kingdom Beyond Brexit: The Perils of Australian Exceptionalism
Speaker: Linda Kirk (ANU)
Date: 25 October 2017


RLI 2nd Annual Conference - Keynote Presentations

Refugee Law Initiative
2nd Annual Conference: ‘Mass Influx? Law, Policy and Large-Scale Movements of Refugees and Migrants’
5 - 7 June 2017

'Refugee Regime 2.0: How the World Has Changed and What It Means for Refuge'
Professor Alexander Betts (Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford)

'Prospects for the Global Compact on Migration: Towards a Mobility Agenda?'
Professor Francois Crepeau (UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Migrants)

'Repercussions of the European 'Crisis' for Global Politics on Migration and Development'
Professor Loren Landau (African Centre for Migration and Society, Witwatersrand University)

'Masses and Power: What Does the Future Hold?'
Dr Volker Turk (Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, UNHCR)


From Frontex to the European Border and Coast Guard: Responsibility for human rights violations at the borders.

RLI End-of-year event
Speaker: Mariana Gkliati (Leiden University)
Tuesday 13 December 2016


7th International Refugee Law Seminar Series

The End of the Deterrence Paradigm? Future directions for global refugee policy
Speaker: Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen
Thursday 9 February 2017

Between Conflict and Survival: Unravelling the drivers of migration across the Mediterranean in 2015
Speaker: Heaven Crawley
Tuesday 17 January 2017

Refugee Protection in Mixed Migration - a UNHCR perspective pre and post summit
Speaker: Sarah Elliott
Date: 1 December 2016

‘One Protocol yet to be drafted’? What treaty law can and cannot do to advance refugee protection
Speaker: Jean Francois Durieux
Monday 24 October 2016


Human Rights Consortium
Speaker(s): Lillian Tsourdi (Universit Libre de Bruxelles, Law and Institute for European Studies, PhD Candidate in Law)
Wednesday 4 May 2016
Human Rights Consortium
Speaker(s): Dr Vladislava Stoyanova (Faculty of Law, Lund University)
Tuesday 19 January 2016
Human Rights Consortium
Speaker(s): Dr Bríd Ní Ghráinne (University of Sheffield)
Friday 6 November 2015
Human Rights Consortium
Speaker(s): Dr Reuven (Ruvi) Ziegler (University of Reading)
Thursday 22 January 2015
Human Rights Consortium
Speaker(s): Dr Maarten den Heijer (Amsterdam Center for International Law)
Thursday 4 December 2014
Human Rights Consortium
Speaker(s): Prof. Philip Schrag Georgetown University Prof. Jaya Ramji-Nogales Temple University
Wednesday 14 May 2014
Human Rights Consortium
Speaker(s): Anna Segall (United Nations Relief and Works Agency)
Monday 10 February 2014
Human Rights Consortium
Speaker(s): Dr Eiko Thielemann
Tuesday 21 January 2014
Human Rights Consortium
Speaker(s): Roland Schilling (UK representative, UNHCR); Olly Lambert (Filmmaker); Maurice Wren (CEO, Refugee Council) and further speakers TBC
Thursday 14 November 2013
Human Rights Consortium
Speaker(s): Dr Chaloka Beyani, UN Special Rapporteur on IDPs, London School of Economics and Political Science
Wednesday 16 October 2013