Internal Displacement Research Programme Working Papers

The IDRP Working Paper Series, at the Internal Displacement Research Programme, publishes research on internal displacement from pertinent disciplinary perspectives. For the RLI Working Paper Series, on refugee law and policy, please click here.


No. 7, June 2020
Extremism, Contested Territory and Diversity: An Opportunity for Development of Iraq’s National Policy on Displacement in 2020?
Sarah Edgcumbe (MA in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies, RLI)

No. 6 (Coming soon)
Internal Displacement in Asia

No. 5, June 2020
Internal Displacement in Europe and Central Asia: A Review of the Literature
Gabriel Cardona-Fox (Johns Hopkins University)

No. 4, June 2020
Internal Displacement in the Middle East: A Review of the Literature
Hana Asfour (Q Perspective)

No. 3, June 2020
State of the Art of the Literature on Internal Displacement in Latin America (English)
Estado del arte de la literatura sobre desplazamiento interno en América Latina (Spanish)
Beatriz Eugenia Sánchez-Mojica (Independent Researcher)

No. 2, June 2020
The State of Research on Internal Displacement in Africa
Romola Adeola (University of Pretoria)

No. 1, June 2020
Internal Displacement and Responses at the Global Level: A Review of the Scholarship
David Cantor (RLI) and Agnes Woolley (Birkbeck)